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I am an E-RYT yoga teacher and the owner of Yama Yoga Studio in Canton where I live with my husband and 5 boys. I opened Yama Yoga Studio in 2006 after receiving my 200 HR certification and became a RYS (registered yoga school) in 2010. My style is heavily influenced by Vinyasa Flow, paying close attention to alignment and form. My true love is in the healing arts. Stretch, Nidra and Restorative classes are my specialty. I have a love of yoga philosophy and the tradition of using malas and mantras for transformation. My classes are challenging but playful. I love working in the garden, attending yoga workshops and trainings and spending time with my family and friends. 
I have been practicing yoga for over 6 years and was certified to teach yoga in 2014. I enjoy practicing yoga because it helps to calm my body and mind. Yoga allows me to be myself all while developing great muscle tone. I also like to run marathons in my spare time so practicing yoga helps my muscles to stay well balanced. Along with teaching yoga, I am also a high school math teacher.
I began teaching here at Yama Yoga in June of 2016 upon completing the 200Hr Teacher Training and also teach in Forney. I originally took up Ashtanga Yoga in college and found it was more than just a workout. It was a mode of healing for my body and mind, which inspired me to help others find the same. I began teaching a modified yoga on horseback to individuals unable to practice on the mat. Then during training, the notion of combining art and yoga came to me and I saw how people could become more inspired within themselves in a powerful and fun way. I hope to continue to give my students the tools to practice in a way that is safe and healing, while they learn to connect deeper and honor themselves where they are.
I have been practicing yoga since 2011 and received my RYT certification in 2014. When first introduced to yoga, I had some injuries that inhibited my flexibility and range of movement. Practicing yoga helped me to work through these injuries and increase both flexibility and my ROM. I really want other people to know that although they have injuries or do not feel flexible, that they can still have a great yoga practice. I also believe that age shouldn't stand in the way of anyone practicing yoga. Along with teaching yoga, I also like to spend time working on my property and spending time with my grandchildren.
I am a 200 Hr Registered Yoga Teacher. I completed my training May 2016. I fell in love with yoga after moving to East Texas in 2013 and discovering Yama Yoga Studio. Previous to the move I spent five mornings a week in the gym weight training. Discovering yoga opened a world of physical and mental well-being and better overall health. Yin yoga is my new passion; enhancing balance and flexibility. My husband and I live on a Peach Farm with three dogs, a cat, ducks, and occasionally three grandchildren. I enjoy anything outdoors; archery, the beach, camping, plus cooking, needlepoint, and tending to my flowers.
I have been practicing yoga since 2015 and became a 200-hour RYT in September of 2017. Originally, I began practicing yoga as a way to get in shape, but as time progressed, I realized that I was getting much more out of the practice. Yoga has given me self-confidence and helped me appreciate my whole self. I love all types of yoga - from a sweaty Vinyasa class, to a relaxing stretch class! My hope is to inspire others to use yoga as a way to find beauty and strength within themselves, no matter their ability level. When I’m not practicing yoga, I am teaching 3rd grade in Wills Point and enjoy spending time with my husband, friends, and cat, Gustavo.
I have been practicing yoga since 2014 and became a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher in Fall 2017. I was looking for something relaxing and yet physical at the same time. Yoga was my answer. Not only does it relax my mind, it challenges my body. I have gained muscle tone and strength with my yoga practice, but more importantly, I have gained self-awareness, confidence and inner peace. I want people to know that yoga is not only for the youthful, flexible crowd, it is for the mature and inflexible as well! When I’m not on my mat, I enjoy spending time with my four grandchildren, traveling with my husband, reading and looking for creative ways to enhance my yoga classes.
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