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With Sandy Corder, Ayurveda Lifestyle Consoltant





Our mondern busy lives have us immersed in chemicals, artificial lighting, and engineered enviornments. It is no wonder that many people simply do not feel well! Over the past few deades, our society's health needs have changed from fighting outside bacteria and pathogens to fighting illnesses created by our own bodies like diabetes, heart disease, and chronic pain or fatigue! 


One way to recapture your health is to live a natural lifestyle - following routines, practices, and eating guidelines that promote balance in your body, mind, and spirit. Ayurveda - translated as "the wisdom of life" - is a set of these practices written over 5,000 years ago. 


To schedule an appointment with Sandy, please call (903) 497-057.


Wellness Consultations: $150 - Initial Consultation and 2 Follow-Up Appointments

  • Determination of your foundational constitution
  • Determination of possible impalances 
  • List of foods best suited for your unique constitution 
  • Recommended lifestyle modifications
  • Recommendations for herbs
  • A plan that will step you into healthy habits over a 12-week period.
  • Access to a closed Facebook group for questions and ongoing support 


Ayurveda and Yoga Workshops

  • Seasonal workshops to help keep you balanced as the year unfolds
  • Cooking and nutritional workshops 
  • Routine workshops to help you make the most of each day 
  • Yoga workshops
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