Kansa Ayurvedic Bodywork



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What is Kansa?


Kansa wands are made out of a blend of metals, mainly copper and tin. This combination is called bronze in the west and Kansa in India. Kansa is known for having the unique power to heal and restore balance in the skin and body. Practitioners use moderate pressure, delicate stroking or rapid friction to create a warm, relaxing and comfortable sensation in the body.


Kansa wand massage benefits include: 

  • calming the nervous system
  • easing muscle tension
  • erasing stress and fatigue in the face, neck, shoulders, back and feet


Kansa also pulls toxings, acidity and inflammation out of the body, working on the body's subtle electrical fields that run in the collagen and fascia layers. 


A Kansa Bodywork Treatment will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and renewed.



Feet                 $30 (30 min.)

Face                $45 (45 min.) 

Body               $60 (1 hour) 

Full Body     $125 (2 hours) 











To schedule an appointment, please call

Jessica Davis, RYT

(903) 521 - 6911

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